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After-sale commitment:

Zhejiang cloud grid appliance Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as YOUNGER).

According to China's "new three packs of provisions" in the content of the consumer through the normal channels to buy YOUNGER products, providing "three packs" service.

Consumer inquiries, suggestions or complaints may be addressed to local distributors, If there is no dealer, you can specify a distributor or directly to my company, our company will deal with.

Our company accepts the customer and consumer's consultation, the suggestion and the complaint, the user may also contact the company through the website on-line system, on-line staff can handle promptly.


Warranty certificate:

Valid shopping invoices and consumption vouchers are the basis for consumers to apply for after-sale services normally. Consumers can enjoy standard after-sales service with valid three packs of vouchers. If you can not provide effective shopping records and consumption vouchers, the warranty period is calculated according to the product serial number (production date plus three month period, if there is no product circulation), then the user can enjoy free warranty service. But we are committed to providing users with paid services, in accordance with the YOUNGER unified charging standards, users receive maintenance fees and accessories costs.


Provisions for maintenance, replacement and return:

◆ Since the products sold within 7 days, fault consumers buy YOUNGER products use occurs in the normal state, the company confirmed by YOUNGER, consumers can choose to return, replacement or repair, if consumers choose to return, please carry the product and all objects (including attachments, three bags of shopping vouchers, invoices to the seller) the seller is free of charge, to return, and in accordance with the purchase price of a one-time return.


◆ Since the products sold within 15 days, fault consumers buy YOUNGER products use occurs in the normal state, the YOUNGER company confirmed that consumers can choose a replacement or repair, if you choose a replacement, please consumers to carry products and all objects to the seller in the seller, free replacement of the same model with the specifications product.


◆ Since the products sold within 1 years, fault consumers buy YOUNGER products use occurs in the normal state, can enjoy YOUNGER authorized service agencies in the warranty, after two times after repair still cannot be used properly, consumers can effectively repair records, by YOUNGER or YOUNGER authorized institutions replace same model the specifications of the product.


◆ Since the products sold within 1 years (compressor in 3 years), and in the normal state of use, providing free maintenance services.



Not suitable and limited warranty:

One of the following circumstances does not enjoy the YOUNGER free warranty service. But YOUNGER promises to provide paid warranty services.


◆ exceeding the validity of the three pack;

◆ damage due to use, maintenance and improper storage;

◆ demolition or repair without permission, causing damage;

◆ a fault or scratch or breakage caused by movement or fall;

◆ there is no valid invoice and warranty card; or the model on the warranty card / the valid invoice does not conform to the type of the repaired goods or is altered or unclear;

◆ natural consumption, damage (e.g., natural consumption, wear and tear, aging, etc.) of housings, keys, fittings, and movable connections.


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