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What is the car refrigerator? Analysis of working principle of refrigerator

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Abstract: what is a car refrigerator? Car refrigerator can make people feel a little cool in the hot summer. Do you know the principle of refrigerator? The refrigerator is the use of silicon chip refrigeration, like some water dispensers do not use compressor refrigeration.


What is car fridge?


Car refrigerator is a continuation of the domestic refrigerator, Usually less noise, less pollution.

When driving, just plug the power plug into the cigarette lighter, Then refrigerator cooling.

Currently on the market there are two kinds of car refrigerator,


And one, Semiconductor refrigerator

 Its principle is the use of electronic chip cooling, Produce perle effect, The utility model is a new refrigeration method, Refrigeration temperature range of -5°C to 65°C, The refrigerator has the advantages of being able to refrigerate and heat and environmental protection, no pollution, small size, low cost, no vibration and noise, long life. Disadvantage is the low efficiency of refrigeration, Refrigeration temperature affected by ambient temperature, Refrigeration can not reach below 0°C, and the capacity is small.


The other is the compressor refrigerator

Compressor refrigerator technology is very mature, Low refrigeration temperature -18°C to 10°C, High cooling efficiency, Can ice, fresh, large volume, this is the future direction of the development of car refrigerator. But this kind of refrigerator weighs a little bit more, and its power consumption and price are higher than that of semiconductor refrigerator, Compressor refrigerator compressor main origin of Germany and Japan.


Younger production of high-end compressor refrigerator compressor from Germany, Can achieve european quality standards.


Refrigerator principle


The use of vacuum cooling technology to enable food can prolong the storage period. Rapid decompression and cooling, fast oxygen reduction, rapid removal of harmful gases and components. The vacuum storage air conditioning device has the advantages of low cost, light weight, high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, Fundamentally solve the problem of restricting the popularization of decompression technology.The device can automatically humidification, Maintain proper humidity in storage Prevent fruit and vegetable products from dehydration due to decompression.


The technology involved in agriculture, industry, food and materials, mechanical and electrical, automatic control and other multi-disciplinary and multi sectoral. With the development of Hypobaric Storage Technology, Inevitably lead to in-depth study of related industries. Because of the advanced theory and technology of hypobaric storage, Especially in the storage of perishable fruits and vegetables, Compared with ordinary cold storage and air conditioning storage (CA) has made significant progress. Therefore, it is called the third revolution in the history of preservation, Preservation technology in twenty-first Century.


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