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Is Mini Refrigerator Size Practical ?

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Abstract: for some prepared to buy mini fridge user, they must be very concerned about the problem of "What does mini fridge size have? Is Mini refrigerator size good?" , so I summarized relevant knowledge about the mini refrigerator , and share now.

The size of the mini fridge

The size of the small refrigerator generally have 400 * 370 * 490 mm high, wide width 435 * 432 * 570 mm high, volume is 35 L, 20 L, 40L, 42L, 46L, 48 L, etc. Different size different brand refrigerators.


Is Mini refrigerator size practical ?


1, small size, random, do not take a household space, give you more space to enjoy;


2, cabinet freezer, does not account for the refrigerator space, fresh fish that use form;


3, freezer is put aside frame design, size, food can be put, the effective use of freezer space;


4, volume, practical, and no matter one practical, or two people enjoy, ice fresh food unlimited enjoyment;


5, using environmental protection of fluorine-free hydrocarbon high efficiency compressor, leading level, with high efficiency and energy saving effect;


6, hydrocarbon fluorine-free insulation foaming agent, has good heat preservation performance, lock cold is lost.


Let we better understand of how a small refrigerator by the evaluation of users


1, gooduse, keypoint is small, convenient to carry.


2, single fit, can be in cold storage, frozen, soft conversion between frozen, very convenient. And very save electricity, less than half a degree electricity a day.


3, especially suitable for the small family, lovers, and work outside or singles.



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