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Where is suitable for use in car refrigerator? Is car refrigerator very consume power?

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Car refrigerator is a continuation of the domestic refrigerator, car refrigerator is now popular, many people in the purchase of car refrigerator, but do not know how to use. Now, let's get to know how to use the refrigerator.


Now there are three kinds of refrigerator on the market:

Compressor type, semiconductor electronic, absorption type.

If you need the temperature is not very low, you can choose the semiconductor electronics and absorption type these two, the price is much cheaper than the compressor, you can go out to play or carry cold drinks.


how to use car refrigerator

1. In the hot summer, the refrigerator can make people feel cool, but must be clear the lowest cooling temperature, usually car refrigerator is very power consumption;

2. The purchase of the car refrigerator at the same time, the need for a multi-functional socket, it can ensure that your refrigerator and other electrical equipment with the use on the car at the same time;

3. It is best to be equipped with a power converter to meet the car and home use together;

4. The use of car refrigerator, air inlet can not water leakage, otherwise the refrigerator will stop working;

5. The refrigerator liner can not be placed with magnetic objects, to prevent the impact of the cooling chip;

6. The refrigerator can not put too hot and corrosive objects, to avoid damage to the liner;

7. One temperature mode to another temperature mode, to cut off the power supply 8-10 minutes;

8. In the use of the car, cut off the power supply of the refrigerator after turning off the engine.

9. The refrigerator has an air outlet for heat dissipation, Be careful not to block the air outlet.


Where is suitable for use in car refrigerator?

Can be used in almost any model car, Just choose the right product model, Both 12V and 24V can meet. Small size car refrigerator can be placed between the rear seats, Large size can be placed in the trunk. However, due to the need for ventilation, it is recommended to reduce the use of the car trunk.


Some car models have a cigarette lighter in the trunk, can be directly connected to the refrigerator power plug;

Or you can put the power cord from the bottom of the seat through the connection cigarette lighter, and parking, if the cigarette lighter is still electricity, the refrigerator will continue to consume the power of the car. In order to avoid because the refrigerator electricity consumes too much, cause the car electricity is too low and the car will not start, younger refrigerator compressor equipped with our battery protection function, when the battery voltage is lower than the preset value, the refrigerator will automatically shut down.


The use of car refrigerator:

1. in the use of the car, insert cigarette lighter.

2. when the heating function into a cooling function, please turn off the power supply, 5 minutes after the start of the refrigerator car.

3. at any time to ensure the smooth flow of air vents and cooling holes.

4. do not put the debris into the car refrigerator cooling hole, car refrigerator pls away from the heat source.

5. clean the car refrigerator, please turn off all the power supply, please do not use strong cleaning agent to clean the refrigerator.


Summary: through the above introduction, we should have to understand how to use the car refrigerator. Now, the car refrigerator is not luxury refrigerator car dedicated configuration, cheap car refrigerator can meet the needs of the majority of people. If you are interested in a small refrigerator, you can try.


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