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How to Install The Car Refrigerator method of used in home and car

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Abstract: How to install Car Refrigerator?Installed the car will be different according to the position where refrigerator car to be installed, there are five kinds of installing position: installed in the middle of the front seats as handrails box, box installed in the back seat as armrest, installed in the car after yixiang, built-in installed in car rear position, not to install placed directly on the seat or under the seat.


How to install Car Refrigerator? The method of installing Car Refrigerator for home and car


1 The method of installing in the middle of the front seat as the armrest box: generally need to modified in the car shop equipped with this kind of installation, some auto makers directly with customizable version of the car refrigerator, the refrigerator car brand installed in front of is less, which could be up to the car PDC - 16, installation rendering is as follows:


2 The method of installing in the middle of the rear seat as the armrest box: first of all to fix the car refrigerator in the middle of back seat, with safety belt fixed groove design of the car is better, a safety belt can be fixed or removed, much better than ordinary car refrigerator need to bound and fixed. Installation rendering (PN - 9) as follows:


3 The method of installing in trunk:first check if the trunk has supply hub , and confirm the power supply is 12 v and 24 v (some car refrigerator support only 12 v power supply, also has support for 12 v / 24 v blind plug), if there is a power jack in the trunk, directly put the car refrigerator into trunk, connect the power cord jack. In addition, some car refrigerator manufacturers provide the car fixed base, can also be to fix the car back in the box.If there is no supply hub, you can choose to install the power socket, or directly connect the power cord in the cigarette lighter, (when buying a car refrigerator, it is a good idea to measure the length of the cigarette lighter to check whether the car accessories power cord length is enough, decide if it needs to buy extension cord or not).


4 The method of built-in installed in the rear seats:this installation are usually performed in automobile refitting store, and the demand of designing the car is higher, different types of cars need to choose a suitable car refrigerator, I know about the special car refrigerator only can reach PDC - 18 h model at present.


5 Do not install placed directly on the seat or under the seat: directly connect the power cord in car cigarette lighter, place the car refrigerator in the car seat can be above or below, suggesting to fix the car, to avoid potential safety hazard, especially when the road bumps avoid slide or dump parts of passengers.



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