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The history of the Car refrigerator car

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Abstract: knowledge portal - characteristics – classification of Car refrigerator:article mainly tells the story of plug-in and install refrigerator storage refrigerator ice packs, and the car adopts advanced semiconductor thermoelectric technology, direct function of cooling or heating machine back the semiconductor chip cooling fan can help work such as knowledge.

Introduction the history of the car refrigerator

It is said that in the summer of 2003, originally is refrigeration refrigerator is Beijing's best-selling car supplies. The news proved, but a lot of household electrical appliances manufacturers see nowadays people having more and more brought about by the huge market space, thus developing carries is the fact that does not dispute. Streamlined design, super dazzling colors, various types of hot and cold freezer, refrigerator, cold storage refrigerator, car refrigerator, makes the four seasons follow one's inclinations!!!!

Now in the market there are two main types of car refrigerator, a plug-in is refrigerator, the other one is the installation of ice storage refrigerator. The former mainly through the car charging power supply to work, its mode of operation is: the moment a car, refrigerator and set to work, after 2 hours, can keep the temperature in the cabinet to 8 to 15 degrees. If you don't want to consume car battery, also can choose the home charging, car refrigerator, relatively speaking, of course, the price also than the average charge your fridge. Refrigerator before use the refrigerator must be special liquid bag is put in the freezer frozen ice in the home, in the car again, holding time at about 5 hours.

Using the advanced semiconductor thermoelectric technology, direct function of cooling or heating machine back the semiconductor chip cooling fan can help work. Machine back function switch and power interface, on the left side of the dc power interface for DC12V, used to connect to the car power supply, on the right side is 220 v / 240 v or 110 v ac power interface, for the average power of the family. Intermediate for cold and hot switch function, and display the working state of led lights. Refrigeration temperature: 5-15 degrees Celsius, heating temperature: 50 to 60 degrees Celsius.

The car whether travel long distances, or dating, not only can provide you with a anytime and anywhere cool drinks and bring you more convenience for the trip, or date of interest. Family outing on vacation, or friends to get-together fishing, it is your good companion, because it can bring you cool and refreshing drinks, fresh food and very convenient.



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