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Car refrigerator and refrigerator compressor motor vehicles

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Car refrigerator using semiconductor electronic refrigeration and heating, and its principle is to use direct current flow through semiconductor refrigeration chip, which makes the chip heat transfer from the cold junction to the hot junction (parr stick effect) with a cooling fan to increase its effect. On the function of refrigeration, the electronic chip temperatures can reach 5 degrees, the temperature of the chip transmits to the refrigerator wall due to the loss of temperature can be 5 degrees. The temperature is the lowest temperature point electronic refrigeration can achieve now. The technology originated on the invention of the aircraft's cold heat demand in Russia's space flight.

Car refrigerator can usually be used for refrigeration and heating, the so-called refrigeration to 5 degrees is an indicator of quantitative.If the surrounding temperature is higher, refrigeration and environmental temperature difference in temperature is usually 15 degrees.Car refrigerator temperature of good quality double fan can reach to 20 degrees. Refrigerator heating temperature can reach 65 degrees. Now cold and hot cup, adopting contact cooling way, which makes cans card directly on the surface of the cooler,The feature of this way refrigeration cooling is freezing quickly,while its disadvantage is: Every time can only be of single tube beverage refrigeration.For long-distance driving, especially long-distance travel motorists, the refrigerator with hot and cold function can bring great convenience to the person.

Hot and cold refrigerator used car cigarette lighter as a power source, power consumption of a hot and cold refrigerator about 15 liters is 35-40 w. The power consumption is equivalent to a car bulbs. When the engine ignition battery began to recharge the refrigerator. Remove from battery power. Good hot and cold refrigerator with a low voltage protection, when the battery power is small refrigerator began to call the police, which can effectively protect your car battery.


The real meaning of car refrigerator: refrigerator compressor motor vehicles


Now many high-end cars in the world have adopted OEM way to embedded compressor refrigerator, This is a real car refrigerator, Europe and the United States and Europe, Japan, South Korea, and many of the more professional enthusiasts and defense needs of the army, having begun to use closed compressor car refrigerator. The cooling temperature can reach 18 degrees below zero, and can segment temperature control, most of the refrigerator can use 220 v / 110 v to 12 v / 24 v voltage and automatic conversion. This kind of compressor is one of the traditional reciprocating compressor and rotary compressor freezer is used. Even the fridge flip rsndom doesn't make the compressor damage. Compressor adopts fully enclosed, fluorine-free, free maintenance technology, making the car refrigerator turned around to be able to work properly, many car rally, cross-country use the refrigerator. MOBICOOL brand compressor refrigerator has become the standard configuration in the north of Europe and the Middle East, thousands of miles of ice in domestic car refrigerator, is a new type compressor is a rotary compressor is the world first. It in terms of resistance to bump, slope Angle is superior to the traditional reciprocating compressor.

Now the nations also begin to have strong interests in car refrigerator this kind of product. Such as single worker dormitory, frequently moved. Party, sports camping, fishing, office or site for a picnic. Pool party, food preservation, can be used on medicine on drug transport in low temperature.


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