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Yunge Car Refrigerators First Appers in Chengdu International Auto Show

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Refrigeration letters on September 17, the 14th Chengdu International Auto Show will be hold in new international exhibition center of century city Chengdu. The auto show hosted by the People's government of Chengdu, themed” Green technology, driving Chengdu with joy.” The auto show is much larger than before. Nine pavilions of new international exhibition center of century city Chengdu all put into use, exhibition area is more than 120000 square meters, the pavilions of passenger car will increase from 7 in last year to 8. There are more than 300 exhibitors from home and abroad, and the number of exhibition cars is more than 800 vehicles. Auto Show sets up 11000 square meters exhibition area of automobile products, showing automotive electronics, beauty care, car inside and outside decoration, automobile products, outdoor and modification of thousands of kinds of automobile products.


Yunge Car Refrigerators group appers in the Auto Show, and our products include car refrigerator several major series of products, Car series, the series of household hot and cold boxes, cold and hot box compressor refrigeration refrigeration one box series, combined with fashion and practical, widely used in automobile refitting,boutique gifts, outdoor channel such as tourism, comfortable home.


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