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car refrigerator principle and use

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Preface: What is a car refrigerator? In the summer, the refrigerator can make people feel a little cool. Do you know the principle of refrigerator? Let us work together to understand the relevant knowledge of the refrigerator car



1 car refrigerator introduction

Car refrigerator refers to the portable refrigerator can be used in the car.

Car refrigerator is a new generation of refrigeration and cold storage in the international market in recent years

There are two main types of refrigerator

One is semiconductor refrigerator, It is based on the principle of electronic chip cooling. The other is the refrigerator compressor, this refrigerator is the traditional technology of the traditional refrigerator, low cooling temperature, -18°C to 10°C. High cooling efficiency, Can ice, fresh, large volume.



2 Refrigerator principle

The use of vacuum cooling technology to enable food can prolong the storage period. Rapid decompression and cooling, fast oxygen reduction, rapid removal of harmful gases and components. The vacuum storage air conditioning device has the advantages of low cost, light weight, high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, Fundamentally solve the problem of restricting the popularization of decompression technology.The device can automatically humidification, Maintain proper humidity in storage Prevent fruit and vegetable products from dehydration due to decompression.


The technology involved in agriculture, industry, food and materials, mechanical and electrical, automatic control and other multi-disciplinary and multi sectoral. With the development of Hypobaric Storage Technology, Inevitably lead to in-depth study of related industries. Because of the advanced theory and technology of hypobaric storage, Especially in the storage of perishable fruits and vegetables, Compared with ordinary cold storage and air conditioning storage (CA) has made significant progress. Therefore, it is called the third revolution in the history of preservation, Preservation technology in twenty-first Century.



3 The difference between the refrigerator and the refrigerator

1. anti vibration and anti shake: car refrigerator with good seismic performance, adapt to the irregular road;

2. battery protection: car refrigerator in the battery protection settings will automatically cut off the power to protect the normal start of the car;

3. electromagnetic interference: the refrigerator electric module does not interfere with other electronic products in the car, but also will not affect the normal use of car batteries;

4. fall protection: the use of car refrigerator, a slight tilt does not affect the normal work, when the tilt of 45 degrees or more, will automatically stop working to protect the compressor.


4 how to buy car refrigerator

1. appearance:

In the choice of car refrigerator, be sure to choose the appearance of fashion, materials in line with food safety, ease of use, factory formal products. Recommend that you focus on the inspection of the refrigerator seal, the quality of the sealing strip with Gaoping integrity, high toughness characteristics, This is an important feature of the refrigeration performance.


2. volume:

The volume of the refrigerator car is large or small, we recommend you choose according to their actual needs. Usually small volume refrigerator is more suitable for the placement of the front seat, a large volume of the car refrigerator suitable for placing in the trunk.


33 function:

If the refrigerator is divided into two types of refrigeration and cooling. Which type of refrigeration compressor car fridge is designed for summer refrigeration or temporary frozen food research and development, has the characteristics of cold resistant, low power consumption. Recommend you to choose according to their actual needs.






5 how to use car refrigerator

1 In the hot summer, the refrigerator can make people feel cool, but must be clear the lowest cooling temperature, usually car refrigerator is very power consumption;

2 The purchase of the car refrigerator at the same time, the need for a multi-functional socket, it can ensure that your refrigerator and other electrical equipment with the use on the car at the same time;

3 It is best to be equipped with a power converter to meet the car and home use together;

4 The use of car refrigerator, air inlet can not water leakage, otherwise the refrigerator will stop working;

5 The refrigerator liner can not be placed with magnetic objects, to prevent the impact of the cooling chip;

6 The refrigerator can not put too hot and corrosive objects, to avoid damage to the liner;

7 One temperature mode to another temperature mode, to cut off the power supply 8-10 minutes;

8 In the use of the car, cut off the power supply of the refrigerator after turning off the engine.

9 The refrigerator has an air outlet for heat dissipation, Be careful not to block the air outlet.


6 car refrigerator maintenance

1 regular inspection:

Because the refrigerator belongs to the electrical products, even use of electricity is rarely, still need to periodically check the refrigerator's stability and circuit appearance. First of all, every 30 days we should work on the refrigerator (cooling capacity, cooling noise, sealing performance, etc.) for a check, In addition, pay attention to the refrigerator wire and appearance is part of a bump, scratches and breakage, If have (mainly circuit part), you need to continue to use after maintenance.


2 clean:

Keep the refrigerator clean is also important to maintain the refrigerator car

You can follow the steps of the car refrigerator cleaning and maintenance

A, use neutral detergent and towel to clean the refrigerator;

B, clean water and towel to clean the refrigerator seal;

C, neutral detergent and rag to clean the refrigerator inside, then clean;

D, water and towels thoroughly clean the refrigerator outside.


7 vehicle refrigerator troubleshooting


1, refrigerator noise

If the problem of semiconductor refrigerator noise, usually is fan, the fan is directly affect the cooling effect of semiconductor refrigerator, if handled in fan speed positioning and details of the processing is not good, there will be a big problem of noise. need detect noise, first check the fan aging and noise; and then check the compressor, compressor sound abnormal, need to return to factory maintenance.


2, not refrigeration

For a semiconductor refrigerator, check whether the fan works. Check the product circuit, if close to 5 amps, then exclude the problem of Parr sticking elements and PCB or insurance switches, if there is no current, please check the PCB Parr affixed to the component connection voltage. Then, if it shows 12V or higher, then the PCB and temperature fuse is good, it is recommended to replace the Parr sticking element. If there is no voltage, check the fuse to determine whether the PCB or fuse is broken. If the inspection is no problem, need to return to factory maintenance. Compressor refrigerator is not recommended for in-depth inspection, because the compressor technology is very complex.




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